El Punto
High quality community editorial in print and online


El Punto first began monthly circulation in April 2012 seeking to address the need for high-quality locally based editorial in Los Angeles for the Hispanic community while looking to become the go-to source for content regarding the Angelino interests of Latino Millennials, Affluent US Hispanics, and more. Providing educational, entertaining and informative material, El Punto further seeks to educate, impact, and improve each reader’s lifestyle.

Currently distributing 100,000 copies monthly, El Punto offers print advertising for companies and agencies looking to reach the Hispanic community of Los Angeles. Whether through standard print advertising or content sponsorship that can target Hispanic Sports fans reading about their favorite soccer teams, Latina Moms looking for health advice and wellness tips for their children, or Latino Millennials looking for the latest in community news, El Punto connects advertisers with the US Hispanic market from Grassroots Spanish Speaking Latinos to Affluent US Hispanics.

Furthermore, El Punto also distributes Special Supplements around major Hispanic events and holidays as well as Custom Publications to meet advertiser needs. Each supplement demographically targets different Hispanic niches allowing companies looking to reach Hispanic families with opportunities like Fiestas Patrias and the celebration of Latino holidays or Hispanic Sports Fans with the Copa Mundial (World Cup) supplement highlighting readers favorite teams, players, and the tournament schedule.

Custom publications use the El Punto distribution locations and can be circulated nationally through EC Hispanic Media partners. Working with our editorial team, advertisers are able to be sole sponsors for content matching their business model, helping to further perceptions within the US Hispanic market of leadership in each industry. Financial related companies can promote financial literacy content to Latino Millennials with disposable income or Affluent US Hispanics looking for savings advice. Insurance companies can promote the benefits of life and health coverage to Latino Baby Boomers and Seniors preparing for retirement.

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