Testimonials from Readers

“A big applause for the Education articles [in El Clasificado] because they inform us about colleges and universities, application deadlines, etc. The articles are very detailed and have been valuable help since I have four children who will go to college.”
Rosario García, El Clasificado Reader

“I really like the recipes [in El Clasificado] because they are very healthy and I collect them all.  I have been reading El Clasificado for many years, normally I pick it up at the store, I give it to my husband so he can “study” the job articles, and finally I always look to see if I can find anything that can relate to my children.”
Guadalupe Tepox, El Clasificado Reader, Pasadena

“I want to thank El Clasificado for the information published about the LBA (Latin Business Association).  I am starting a business and I found it interesting that El Clasificado informs its readers about latino associations which latino entrepreneurs can join.”
Manuel Santizo, El Clasificado Reader, Los Angeles

“I would like to thank El Clasificado for publishing the information about Winter Wonderland.  We have received many phone calls asking for more information because of the ad that El Clasificado created for us. Our influx of traffic demonstrates El Clasificado’s popularity.”
Mónica Sanz Polo, Director of L. Ron Hubbard, Personal Public Relations Office