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Custom Publishing.

Our Mission

Serving the Hispanic community since 1988.

EC Hispanic Media began with its first direct mail publication of El Clasificado in May 1988. Its purpose was to connect sellers of various products and services within the Hispanic community, while also providing Latinos with educational resources and how-to lifestyle improvement articles that were not widely available in Spanish.


It all started with her dream.

Our company prides itself on dedicating our content to engage and serve the needs of the US Hispanic Market. We are always listening and learning from our local communities for the best ways to tailor our brands, help connect buyers and sellers, and equip advertisers.

People are struggling everyday just to make a living.
The closer we can get to encouraging connections and resources within the community, the closer we can get to helping individuals.

Our Brands

Continuing to grow and strengthen our solutions through diverse platforms.

Our Story

Expanding our reach to help as many small businesses as possible.

As companies initially faced lukewarm responses to their advertising with the Spanish shopper, El Clasificado faced initial struggles with ensuring the company would be viable. Undaunted, co-founders Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame decided to change the distribution method, moving from direct mail circulation to an effective bulk drop in areas with high Hispanic traffic.

This change ultimately resulted in an award winning distribution system that has helped El Clasificado increase its circulation from 40,000 copies per week to 440,000.

El Clasificado’s success also brought new opportunities for Martha and Joe who maintain their desire to connect buyers and sellers within the Hispanic community as well as offer content to help improve Latinos quality of life.

In 2007, they started hosting events for families planning their daughters traditional Quinceanera celebration as well as Hispanic Small Business owners looking to find their own financial viability and success. Both events were initially planned to occur once annually in different areas throughout Southern California; however, due to attendee and advertiser demand, both are held multiple times throughout the year with the Quinceanera.com Expo and Fashion Show occurring eight times yearly and Su Socio de Negocios hosting one expos and one intimate breakfast.

As the company expanded its reach, El Clasificado became EC Hispanic Media, offering companies opportunities to reach every niche within the Spanish and Bilingual English/Spanish speaking community from Latina Moms and Hispanic Baby Boomers to Latino Millennials and Affluent US Hispanics through print, online, mobile, and event advertising.