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Our Story

Expanding our reach to help as many small businesses as possible.

When El Clasificado was established in 1988, the response was lukewarm at best. Companies were not communicating clearly to Hispanic audiences and thus, the audiences weren’t listening. Undaunted, co-founders Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame decided to change the distribution method, moving from direct mail circulation to an effective bulk drop in areas with high Hispanic traffic.

This change ultimately resulted in an award winning distribution system that has helped El Clasificado increase its circulation from 40,000 copies per week to over 250 thousand.

El Clasificado’s success also brought new opportunities for Martha and Joe who maintain their desire to connect buyers and sellers within the Hispanic community and offer resources to improve quality of life.

In 2007, they started hosting events for families planning their daughters’ traditional Quinceanera celebrations and Hispanic Small Business owners looking to find financial viability and success. Both events were initially planned to occur once annually in different areas throughout Southern California. Before they knew it, Martha and Joe were hosting events multiple times a year in numerous locations.

As the company expanded its reach, El Clasificado became EC Hispanic Media, offering companies opportunities to reach every niche within the Spanish and Bilingual English/Spanish speaking community through print, online, mobile, and event advertising.