Helping You Reach a Broad Audience

For companies looking to market towards a US Hispanic Audience and US Latino Communities, EC Hispanic Media offers multiple advertising opportunities for campaigns targeting Tech Savvy Bilingual Latino Millennials, Affluent US Hispanics, Grassroots Spanish Speaking Latinos, Hispanic Small Business Owners, Latina Moms and Families, Bilingual Hispanic Young Adults, Latino Baby Boomers and Seniors, Hispanic Sport and Car Enthusiasts, and Teen Bilingual Latinas.

If your company is working to reach a broader US Hispanic Audience, EC Hispanic Media is the solution.

Bilingual HISPANIC Young Adults

Culturally motivated, digitally savvy, foodie, a music connoisseur or a movie aficionado.

Young Bilingual Latinas

Teen Bilingual LATINAS

Socially connected trendsetters, early adopters, these chicas communicate through hashtags and emojis!

Latina Moms & Families

LATINA Moms and Families

Whether a stay-at-home or a working mom, they are the decision-makers in every Hispanic household.

Hispanic Small Business Owners

Hispanic Small Business Owners

Providing Latino Entrepreneurs Spanish resources and networking experiences to help them succeed.

Tech Savvy Bilingual LATINO Millenials

Bilingual LATINO Millennials

Tech Savvy Hispanics looking how to improve their daily lives, try out new things and live a story to tell.

Affluent US Hispanics


Hispanics in metropolitan areas with disposable income. We reach the Latino with little free time.

Grassroots Spanish Speaking Latinos

Grassroots Spanish Speaking LATINOS

Typically first generation US Latinos that are still very much rooted in the cultural traditions of their Heritage country.