Bilingual Latino Millennials

Latino Millennials are young, college educated, goal-oriented, bilingual and tech-savvy twenty- and thirty- something connected through social media, looking to save money to better their futures with generally more disposable income. While they may have been raised in traditional households, they have branched out on their own to start their own future while still remaining close to their families.

Al Borde

Reaching the twenty and thirty something Hispanic Millennial, provides young Latino adults with edgy content relating to Latin Alternative Rock, Movies, Fashion, and all things indie. Through its’ website, weekly eNewsletter, eBlasts, and custom events including nationally broadcast concerts Al Borde helps advertisers reach Latino Millennials on local and national levels.

El Clasificado

Looking to always save a buck and find the best deal, El Clasificado and provide US Hispanic Millennials with options to find the best products and services locally. In print, El Clasificado offers advertising opportunities throughout Southern and Central California and Yuma, AZ with a distribution of more than 300 cities and 48 hyper-localized zones. El Clasificado offers traditional banner and high-impact marketing campaigns as well as Hispanic native advertising in over 200 cities throughout the United States.


El Clasificado
Su Socio de Negocios
Al Borde


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