Teen Bilingual Latinas

Teen Bilingual Latinas are socially connected trendsetters, adopting the latest styles and instantly sharing what they like (or not!) with their friends. Although they communicate through hashtags and emojis, most remain true to tradition and follow their parents' lead when it comes to celebrations. Their power resides on their digital abilities and taste. If this is your niche market, you must WOW them with a first impression. After that, word of mouth and a few snaps will make your product or service cool for others to follow.


Quinceaneras are young bilingual Latinas looking forward to celebrating their traditional 15th birthday extravaganza. In many cases, they may have already been to other friends’ or families’ Quinceanera, and want to make sure that their day is just as unique, if not better.

Though online content, dedicated e-newsletters, social media and LIVE expos, we provide them with the inspiration and ideas they need in order to make their special day even more memorable.




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