Grassroots Spanish Speaking Latinos

As one of the fastest growing Hispanic demographics in the United States, Grassroots Spanish Speaking US Hispanics are typically first generation US Latinos that are still very much rooted in the cultural traditions of their Heritage country. They are hard-working, do-it-yourselfers that are jacks-of-all-trades. Whether it means fixing the plumbing or doing an oil change on their own car, Grassroots Latinos are the type to embrace their culture and take pride in the everyday work they do.

El Clasificado

For Grassroots Latinos, finding a Spanish-Speaking company is of utmost importance to help increase their comfort level when making a purchase. By being able to provide advertising in Spanish, it not only decreases concerns over possible language barriers, but also helps promote the ability to understand the Hispanic Grassroot culture. El Clasificado offers localized print advertising, custom content, and inserts in over 300 cities and 48 zones throughout Southern and Central California as well as Yuma, AZ. also offers localized advertising nationwide in more than 200 cities through banner, high-impact, and native advertising campaigns.


El Clasificado


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