Place Your Enhanced Native Ad on the Largest US Hispanic Classified Marketplace!

With over 140 locations in the United States, provides advertisers with an opportunity to reach U.S. Hispanics who are searching for locally relevant products and services with the #1 Spanish Classified Marketplace in the country.

Our marketplace’s feature classified programs allows for increased exposure for each ad through rotating reserved placements throughout the site including the home page and each page within the selected category.

Additionally, feature classified ads are able to receive even more exposure through details that help the ad stand out within the feed of their selected subcategory.

And now, we’ve made it even easier for advertisers to reach our U.S. Hispanic audience through our Nationwide Feature Classified program!

What you get:

  • Direct calls-to-action to drive more calls, emails, or visits to your website.
  • A dashboard to review how many visits, calls, and emails your ads have received both collectively and individually.
  • Your feature classified ad in every location across the country.

At a combined rate that’s not available anywhere else!

Contact us today for native advertising with enhanced viewability to US Hispanics across the country!


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