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What is branded content?

Branded Content its basically Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. To see that in action, we’ll handle all the content – whether that’s through ebooks, articles, or etc – with great images and no hassle. And from start to finish we’ll mange the results as it moves across our marketing channels and brands.

Sponsorship opportunities

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Expand reach through our network

Connect with our well-established audiences ready to engage with your content

CTAs all-throughout

These articles will have ctas and links well integrated to get you the most out of a single post

Ready-to-go for your repurposing

We create premium branded content solutions designed to build deep connections between
brands and their target audience in Spanish.

Engaging content that tells a story

Tell your brand’s story by harnessing the power of 
our huge, brand-safe, fraud-free, engaged, 
in-market audiences.

Featured Topics

Quality content. Real engagement results.

Audience & Engagement

Engage with our brands. Build up your metrics.

Over 1 million followers

across social media

Generating over 10 million
monthly impressions

on social media

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18.1 Million monthly page views
16.3 million monthly sessions

El Clasificado

350,000 weekly magazines
in Southern California

Digital Magazine

6,424 Readers monthly
Avg. reading time: 2:25min


150,703 Subscribers
Avg. open rate: 6%

Heading of sample content

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