A Place Called Home

APCH is a dynamic, non-profit youth center that provides educational programs, counseling, mentoring, music, dance and art classes. They also have a recreation and athletic department, which strives to help youth achieve a better sense of themselves and the world around them.

The Foundation receives and oversees funding which support a plethora of programs and services for the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) and on a selected basis, for school districts and other education organizations within Los Angeles County.

Description of Services
Their free programs offer superior enrichment services using proven models to increase youth performance and behaviors socially and academically.

The Foundation Priorities:

  • Science and Environmental Education (at the Blue Sky Meadow Campus)
  • Assistance for Students who are disadvantaged: Low Income, Disabled, or Under Court Supervision
  • School Preparation

2830 S. Central Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 9001




Educational Services
where they provide tutoring, literacy, math, science and a drop-out recovery program through LAUSD. Health, Nutrition and Well-Being, offers nutritious meals and snacks, counseling and health resources.

Community & Volunteer Initiatives
helps empower parents towards advocacy and recruiting volunteers to help with APCH’s mission.

Creative Expression
provides training in music, dance and fine arts.

provides physical education and sports.

Bridge to the Future
offers transitional opportunities for teens to enter into a healthy adulthood.

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