AFCP’s mission is to help its members enhance their profitability by strengthening the free paper industry. All staff members are committed to executing that mission.

Description of Association
The Association of Free Community Papers (AFCP) assists free paper publishers and helps to build a stronger industry.

This association gives annual awards to the free community papers around the country that are providing excellent writing, art and information to their communities.

For the past five years, El Clasificado has garnered numerous awards from AFCP, including best presentations of classifieds on the internet for three straight years.

AFCP represents the publishers of close to 3,000 free-circulation community papers and provides a venue for the free publishing industry to converge for ideas, networking and much more.

Not only does the association promote better business, it also serves the community by sponsoring the March of Dimes organization. Free ads run in free publication papers across the country in order to support this worthwhile cause.

Contact Information
200 Union Blvd., Suite 205
Lakewood, CO 80228
781-459-7770 (fax)