Wellnest Emotional Health & Welllness
(Previously know as Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic)

The Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic empowers the children and young adults of South and Central L.A. to get on track to success: to reach goals in school, build healthy relationships, and enjoy emotional well-being.


Their team of compassionate professionals offers behavioral counseling and support to individuals and families. Theri mission is to provide quality mental health services to a community in great need by ensuring easy access and promoting early intervention.

Our services for children and youth ranges from ages zero to 25.


3031 S. Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Outpatient Programs

  • No-appointment, no-fee walk-in Access Center;
  • School-Based Services at 20 LAUSD schools;
  • Family Preservation Services;
  • CalWORKS, a welfare-to-work program designed to assist parents with minor children successfully transition to gainful employment.
Intensive Services

  • Full Service Partnerships designed to provide comprehensive services – such as skill-building rehabilitation and medication services—to underserved, high-risk children;
  • Wraparound services designed for families whose child has been in or is at risk of high-level residential placement.
Early Intervention and Community Wellness division (for children zero to five)

  • Early Intervention Day Treatment for children two to five with emotional and behavioral disturbances;
  • Outpatient Treatment;
  • Family Resource Center to help families with necessities of life, such as diapers, food stamps, clothing, and other resources;
  • Child Psychiatric Residents Training;
  • Multidisciplinary Assessment Team;
  • Early Intervention Training Institute for caregivers and service providers working with the zero to five population;
  • First Steps, a home-visitation program building attachment bonds between infants and toddlers and their parents.

El Clasificado regularly partners with the Clinic to promote outreach and awareness campaigns. El Clasificado employees are also fixtures at the Clinic’s annual mental health awareness and outreach event Family FunFest, where they serve snacks and volunteer at game and craft stations. Family FunFest is held every year at the Clinic’s site at 3787 South Vermont Avenue, and offers free food, games, dental and health screenings, and other community resources for families and children. This year’s Family Funfest will be held on Saturday, May 19th.

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