Los Angeles County Education Foundation

Mission Statement

The Los Angeles County Education Foundation (LACEF) was created to serve as resource and provider of  excellent educational experiences that prepare the County’s disadvantaged children and youth for a life of learning.

The Foundation receives and oversees funding which support a plethora of programs and services for the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) and on a selected basis, for school districts and other education organizations within Los Angeles County.

Description of Services

The Los Angeles County Education Foundation is LACOE’s nonprofit partner. The Foundation is also a fiscal sponsor for LACOE events and projects of specific school districts that improve lives, increase academic success, and open up new worlds for children and youth.

The Foundation Priorities:

  • Science and Environmental Education (at the Blue Sky Meadow Campus)
  • Assitance for Students who are disadvantaged: Low Income, Disabled, or Under Court Supervision
  • School Preparation

Your contribution will make a change

Blue Sky Meadow

Blue Sky Meadow is owned and operated by the Los Angeles County Education Foundation.The campus offers many opportunities for learning and discovery through the programs of the Blue Sky Meadow Science Institute. Additionally, Blue Sky Meadow is delighted to work with user groups that are committed to youth and families and/or preservation of the environment.

Located in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, Blue Sky Meadow offers year-round opportunities for urban kids, disabled kids, and disadvantaged kids to reach new heights.

Blue Sky Meadow

Outdoors at Blue Sky Meadow

Contact Information

9300 Imperial Highway

Downey, CA 90242

(562) 940-1602