Mexican American Alumni Association (MAAA) - LMU

The MAAA was established in 1981 by LMU alumni in order to develop programs that could provide students who were committed to the Latino community with partial tuition scholarships to Loyola Marymount University.

Aside from helping students pursue their educational goals, the LMU MAAA also hosts networking dinners and alumni events with current students and alumni in order to establish a lifelong connection within the LMU community.

Description of Services
The community impact that MAAA provides extends past the scholarships. The organization recruits, mentors and retains Latino students in the community. They also provide career opportunities for these students, encouraging them to always give back to their community, especially Latinos.

The MAAA played an integral part in Martha’s education at LMU and she supports the association in as many ways as she can, including being a corporate sponsor for scholarships and serving on the association’s board of directors. Along with the other members on board, Martha helps to promote the growing success of Latino students on campus by supporting activities for students and providing activities that strengthen the connection between the current Latino university community and alumni.

The association’s continued support for its cause on enriching the educational experience of Latino students on campus is manifested through its campaign to pledge $4 million in scholarships and the naming of LMU in numerous lists as one of the top colleges for Hispanics.


Director of Development:
Edgar Aguirre

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