VIP envisions a community where no child, woman, or elder is hurt by someone they should have been able to trust. They seek to better the lives of those who have been abused and assaulted by providing comprehensive forensic, medical and mental health services that promote not only healing but also personal growth and success. VIP works to increase services for those without financial resources or health coverage especially those under the care of the state, and establish community based advocacy and prevention programs for the early identification of abuse.

Programs & Services

  • Medical Services
    •    Mental Health Services
    •    Fetal Alcohol Specialty Services
    •    Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse
    •    Mentoring and Education Programs


Involvement Opportunities

  • Become a Heart member
    Heart is VIP’s membership circle, and a source for everything that their clients need in order to survive and heal. It is a group of women who have made the choice to commit whatever resources they can each year to providing for victimized children and seniors and the people that are trying to keep them safe.
  • Volunteer
    Mentors, tutor foster children who are struggling to keep up in school Help out at special events for the children and their families. Also they look for volunteers organizing drives to collect stuffed animals, books, clothes, and other needed items with members of your family, neighborhood, church, school, business, etc.

Contact information
1721 Griffin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90031