The Party of a Lifetime

Our brand provides a powerful way to connect with Latina teens and their families planning the monumental Quince party celebration!

  • # 1 Quinceanera site and magazine in the industry
  • 370,000 Printed Magazines Annually
  • 82,000 unique visitors and over 355,000 page views monthly for website
  • Over 9 million monthly views on Pinterest, over 120k followers on Instagram, over 205k fans on Facebook
  • 9 Live Expos Annually + 13,000 total annual attendees
  • Digital + e-mail marketing packages available

“The show was the perfect length of time so we stayed busy throughout the entire time. It seemed to be the ideal target market. It flowed really well with entertainment in addition to exhibitors. All in all, the show was entertaining—it wasn’t just your typical exhibitor expo,” exhibitor Ron Gronewald from Gold Coast Hotel and Casino said about the 2020 Las Vegas expo.

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