The Party of a Lifetime

Our Quinceanera brand provides a powerful way to connect with the Hispanic market in a culturally relevant manner across digital, print and live events!

  • # 1 Quinceanera site and magazine in the world
  • 1.4 Million Printed Magazines Annually
  • 2.8 million page views
  • 12 million impressions on Pinterest
  • 8 Live Expos Annually + 14,000 total annual attendees
  • Glossy Full Page Available

It is the first time we participate in the Expo. We are very excited, there are a lot of people and this has been a success. There are different products and services available for the people. Many people came to our booth, we did pretty well. We thought just a few people were going to attend, but this was a surprise. We definitely would like to participate in the following events taking place in other cities. Silvia Vazquez y Mónica Velázque | Bella Bella Boutique, accesorios para Quinceañeras

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