Al Borde Hosts 12th Annual Día de los Muertos Event

By November 11, 2019Company News

Attendees at El Clasificado’s Al Borde brand’s Dia de los Muertos 2019 event.

NORWALK, Calif., November 11, 2019 –

El Clasificado hosted its 12th annual Al Borde Día de Los Muertos event at El Clasificado’s corporate headquarters in Norwalk, Calif., with special guests including City of Norwalk Mayor Margarita L. Rios.


City of Norwalk Mayor Margarita L. Rios and her husband with El Clasificado CEO Martha de la Torre.

Al Borde‘s Día de los Muertos honored this traditional Mexican holiday by inviting guests to view a traditional ofrenda (altar) with pictures of loved ones, papel picado, candles, chrysanthemums (which represent the sun that guides the soul of the deceased loved one), pan de muerto (bread for the deceased), toy figurines, calaveritas (painted skull figurines), and food offerings.


Traditional ofrenda altar with pictures of El Clasificado employees’ loved ones.

Guests enjoyed tamales, champurrado, and pan de muerto and snacked on donuts from Gourmet Mini Donuts for dessert.

Calavera face painting was provided by makeup artists from Sexy Time Makeup Studio.


Sexy Makeup Studio makeup artist Claudia Chiu paints a calavera on an event attendee.

The Al Borde art team created custom Día de los Muertos t-shirts once again for each guest in attendance. This year’s t-shirt featured a colorful alebrije-inspired design of a jaguar and skull, with the inscription “Nadie muere, solo se sueña” (Nobody dies, you only dream) on the back.

Past t-shirts have featured designs inspired by Disney Pixar’s Coco, the traditional game Lotería,  Juan Gabriel and David Bowie, and calaveras as superheroes.

The yearly event has been hosted since 2007 by El Clasificado and Al Borde.

Al-Borde-Dia-de-los-Muertos-ofrenda-20192019 Al Borde Día de Los Muertos Sponsors:

TransAmerica – Food Sponsor
Mini Gourmet Donuts
Sweet 15 DJ’s
Oh Snap Photo Booth
Sexy Make Up Studio

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El Clasificado was founded in 1988 by Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame.  El Clasificado is now a multi-media digital company serving over 100,000 small businesses each week with marketplaces in print, online and social avenues targeting U.S. Latinos in Spanish and English.

El Clasificado’s portfolio of brands weekly include its Spanish shopper El Clasificado,, direct-mail English shopper EC Classifieds, Latino entrepreneur brand Su Socio de Negocios, as well as online properties Mas Clientes and Empleos Latinos and Al Borde.

El Clasificado is a certified minority-owned business.


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