DoubleTree Anaheim

The Situation

The DoubleTree Anaheim Resort competes with over 200 hotels in their local area. After doing some market research, they realized they were missing out on a large market that a lot their competitors had captured—the Quinceanera market. Sometimes exceeding over 1,000 guests, a quinceanera is the huge celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday in most Latin and Central American cultures and the DoubleTree Anaheim Resort wanted a piece of this market.

The Problem

Knowing that holding quinceaneras at their hotel would be very profitable, The DoubleTree Anaheim Resort also knew that quinceaneras come from a Spanish speaking culture, but they had never advertised in Spanish before. As a result, they were unsure of how to break into the Spanish speaking market.

The Solution

Having heard of one of our quinceanera expos, the DoubleTree Anaheim Resort wanted to see if we could help. After listening to their needs and sharing what we had to offer, Double Tree decided to start a digital campaign through online banners and their own landing page through our website, They also utilized our sponsorship booths during our Quinceanera expos, which can have up to 6,000 attendees looking for quinceanera related services and ideas.

The Evaluation

Since they began advertising with us over two years ago, the DoubleTree Anaheim Resort’s profits from quinceaneras have increased by more than seven times its original amount. They continue to have a very strong presence at all our Quinceanera expos and generated over 70 high-quality leads and even managed to close a deal on the spot at our most recent expo.