Juntos we will rebuild.

Juntos we will recover.

Deadline extended until August 31st, 2020, restrictions apply!

In collaboration with their Mas Clientes Lead Generation Digital Agency, El Clasificado is stepping up to help small businesses rebuild.

At EC Hispanic Media we believe our nation’s small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Throughout our more than 30 years working with the community, we have gained insight into the hard work all around us from the “essential” and “nonessential” workers. Now more than ever do these hardworking communities need support.

“When our communities hurt – we hurt.”

From our communication with the communities around us and our partners we have seen a need for a stimulus to help these communities. Our goal is to stimulate the small business community as they begin to open from the unprecedented COVID-19 economic lockdown.

We want to help. Keep Reading.

“We are grateful for the experiences we have had through the engagement with our platforms, our community events, and expos. Now we want to give back.”

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Free digital tools with proven results

For three months you can experience what it’s like to have an optimized landing page for your business. Easily track your inbound leads by accessing your website dashboard and watch the growth. If you have questions you can ask your personal El Clasificado account representative.

  • Mas Clientes PowerPage
  • Analytics tracking dashboard
  • Call tracking capability
  • El Clasificado directory listing with 50 of the top small business directories
  • Google My Business page

No commitment needed or hidden fees!

Help our communities recover

When our local grocery stores close and our local bakeries cannot afford to remain open – we hurt.

When our people around us struggle to keep their jobs and put food on the table – we hurt.

El Clasificado’s initiative to “help small businesses get online” through digital marketing and advertising packages is intended for deserving small businesses operating in communities affected by these unprecedented times.

Partner with us

We are very interested in partnering with small business communities to help rebuild and recover. Contact us now to learn how we can help you help your businesses thrive again.

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