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While reaching all niche demographics within the US Hispanic market would be the ideal goal for any campaign, the likelihood for being able to do so without running multiple campaigns is understandably more difficult as purchase motivations and influencers will often differ. As a result, the messages and themes that are able to resonate with Hispanic buyers will also need to vary in order to achieve successful campaign results.


Happy family shoppingIt’s no secret that the Hispanic population continues to grow and even more so now for US Hispanic families as increases in the Latino-American population this year were primarily driven more so by US births as opposed to immigration.[1] What’s more important is that the with the Hispanic population having grown so large from high levels of immigration, the expectation is that births will continue to outpace the amount of Hispanics immigrating to the United states for the foreseeable future.[1]

To be able to increase sales and see greater responses to their US Hispanic family marketing campaigns, companies need look no further than matriarch of Latino-American household who is responsible for 86% of the purchasing decisions in Hispanic households.[2]  In general, however, US Latina moms often base their purchasing decisions based on brand loyalty and will often take advantage of specials that the same brands may happen to be offering.[3] As a result, swaying the purchasing preferences for the Hispanic-American matriarch can often be difficult, but, of course, not impossible. To do so, companies can partner with other companies that already show strong ROI on their campaigns towards Latina moms to begin to earn additional trust, and can also look to run ads in Spanish, which Latina Moms will view as an acknowledgement of the heritage and culture they hope to pass to their children, even if the content they are reading or watching happens to be in English.[4]


woman carrying shoe boxesWhile many Latino-American Millennials in the past had focused on getting married and starting their families in their early to mid-twenties previously, this pattern has to some degree shifted to later years in life. As a result, Hispanic Millennials have greater amounts of disposable income available for spending and while they are also more likely to save money while living at home,[5] they are also more likely to spend money on items such as clothes, kitchenware, and other various products than their non-Latino counterparts.[6]

For advertisers to be able to reach the US Hispanic Millennial demographic they will need to understand the cultural duality that Young Latino Adults possess. In many cases, they may prefer the English language, but believe remaining fluent in Spanish is important for staying in touch with their Hispanic roots. They would like to see more bilingual, bicultural content that identifies the duality they represent[7] and recognizing this through cultural symbols and language that reflect not only their American upbringing, but also their heritage.

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Hispanic Buying Power Report

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