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With the 2014 World Cup starting in a week, we sat down with some of the EC Hispanic Media employees who are already anticipating all the action the tournament brings to get their perspectives, insights, and predicitions.

So check out the video to see who they want to win it all, who they think will win, players to watch, and more!


Stephen: Alright Pablo, with the World Cup coming up in June we were interested in finding out which team are you hoping will win the World Cup this year.

Pablo: Well, I’m routing for Spain big time. Obviously, I was born and raised in Spain so I’m hoping that they can take it again.

Stephen: Do you think that they’re actually going to do it?

Pablo: Leaving my heart aside, I have the belief that they can. They have a lot of possibilities to do it. I think they will actually.

Stephen: Is there a team that you think can take Spain down?

Pablo: There are several teams that can do that. Argentina. Germany, for sure. Brazil. Everybody thinks that Brazil is going to win Spain again if they cross and they might be crossing on the second round. I don’t think so.

Stephen: So, we know that you’re a Barcelona fan around the office, are you actually rooting for Messi to do well at the World Cup or are you rooting for injuries so that he doesn’t do so great against Spain?

Pablo: No, to the contrary. Messi is my second option. I mean, I love Argentina for a lot of personal reasons, but being Messi on Argentina I would love for him to conquer the World Cup. I have my heart divided with Messi winning the World Cup.


Stephen: So you, said that Germany is going to win, is that you are hoping will win?

Julio: No, I was actually hoping Mexico would win. That’s my heart. That’s my country. We’ll see.

Stephen: Do you have a favorite player that’s on Mexico?

Julio: Yes, I do. It’s Chicharito Hernandez. He’s actually one of my idols. He’s around 24, 25. He plays for Manchester right now, but we’ll see what happens with him. Cause he’s not only getting a little playing time, so we’ll how this World Cup affects him with the transfer that’s coming up next year.

Stephen: So you don’t think that Brazil really stands a chance to win it even though it’s in their home country?

Julio: Brazil, since they’re the home country and they won a Cup in their home country this year already, it’s gonna be pretty tough. We’ll see how it goes with them, but I really don’t think they’ll live up to that expectation.

Stephen: Is there a dark horse that could take down Germany?

Julio: Dark horse? Probably Argentina. Who knows? Messi is really strong this year. He’s really shown it. Yeah, I’d say Argentina probably.


ECHM_2014_World_Cup_PredictionsStephen:: Josh, with the upcoming World Cup tournament starting in June is there any team that you are hoping wins more than the rest of them?

Josh: I’m actually looking forward for Ecuador and Netherlands again. Like Last World Cup, a month before I just guessed that they were going to the Finals and I bet with my mother and in the end I won. Because of those two teams.

Stephen: Is there any team that you expect to be able to win the World Cup this year?

Josh: I hope England. I hope England.

Stephen: England, that would be kind of a dark horse candidate, correct?

Josh: Correct. I’m just basically down for Rooney. He’s like my favorite player at the moment.


Stephen: Do you want USA or Mexico to win?

Adam: I can’t! I can’t choose betwen both of them.

Stephen: Okay, is there one that you want to see lose more?

Adam: Between both of them?

Stephen: Yes.

Adam: That’s the same question.


Stephen: Are there any players that you’re looking forward to watching? Or none in particular, you’re just excited for the action?

Jacob: I’d like to see how Cristiano Ronaldo does. Messi from Argentina. Those are two guys I like watching.

Stephen: So do you think if they match up against each other, who do you think’s going to have the upperhand?

Jacob: I think that, between Argentina and Brazil?

Stephen: Between Argentina and Portugal.

Jacob: Argentina and Portugal. I think Argentina will have an upperhand because they’re in South America, they have more support, and they have a better team.


Stephen: How many times do you think we’re going to see a player fall on the ground and fake an injury?

Julio: Plenty of times. A LOT of times.


Stephen: And how many times will a player fall to the ground faking an injury on average?

Josh: Oh no, that’s…like, that’s basically, 15 a game. Like each game they always do that on purpose just to win some time, lose some time. Stuff like that.


Stephen: And do you think that anyone will actually get an acting career from all the faking of the injuries that they do?

Julio (laughing): Um, no, not any time soon.

Stephen: They’re just not that good?

Julio (laughing): They’re just not that good.


Stephen: And who do you think should get the award for best actor for flopping the most?

Jacob (laughing): Uh, Messi. I think flops a lot. He’s a pretty short guy and he gets tossed around a lot.

Stephen: Should we tell Pablo you said that?

Jacob (laughing): No.



Stephen: And who do you think has the best chance at an acting career after their soccer career is done from all the flopping that they do?

Pablo (laughing): Messi’s not a bad option. Or Neymar. Neymar from Brazil. Neymar is good.

Stephen: So, both Barcelona guys.



Stephen: So who do you think will actually win the World Cup this year?

Adam: Alright, I’m gonna say it. USA.


Stephen: So who do you think is most likely to win?

Jacob: Most likely to win is probably going to be Brazil because it’s in South America and Brazil is a good team. So I’m going with Brazil.


Stephen: Who do you think’s going to win the entire tournament?

Julio: Germany, of course. They have a really strong defense.


Stephen: So, since you like surprises, would you be surprised to see a 0-0 score?

Pablo (laughing): Thank you for your typical sarcasm. Uh, no, I wouldn’t. It will happen, but it’s still gonna be interesting. You guys keep on watching. Even if it’s 0-0, keep on watching because Soccer’s always interesting.

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