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Companies looking to increase the return on their Latino advertising look to target purchase minded US Hispanics. And these companies do not need to look much further than, which averages more than 700,000 unique visitors monthly that allot for an average of more than 1,500,000 visits. Noticeably, the majority of visitors are between the ages of 25-34 followed by people between the ages of 35-44 and 18-24. The age group with the least amount of visits are people from the age 65+. However, the content searched for showed similar trends across all age groups.


Happy hispanic man in his new carWhile the majority of landing pages were shown to be homepages for the different locations that targets in the United States, the automotive category ranked as a top five landing page for all age groups, and in many cases also saw high amounts of traffic landing on various category pages segmented by automotive make with Honda and Toyota being the most frequently seen amongst all other automotive manufacturers. While automotive has always been a strong performer amongst the categories visitors are interested in, this can further be explained due to the amount of ads that are currently displayed within this particular category as there are many more ads in the automotive section of the site than any other category.

In somewhat of a change from years past, the jobs categories ranked higher in terms of landing pages for the 18-24 demographic than the automotive category. However, the employment section has also generally been a monthly top five category across the site as well as the home and apartment rentals, which remains a fixture in the main categories despite.

Of course, this does not mean that the visitors were only interested in Latino ads targeting these three categories as clothing, pets and general merchandise also ranked highly as well.


Portrait of beautiful young long-haired woman with mobile phoneIncluding tablets, visits to were primarily from mobile visitors. Breaking down the ages of visitors to the site, all groups 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, and 45-54 showed higher amounts of visits from mobile devices than desktop and laptop. In most cases, the difference between desktop and mobile visits was beyond noticeable as well as mobile visits across the demographics account for greater visits by anywhere from 300%-500%. Only in the case of visitors over the age of 55 show a greater propensity for desktop and laptop use.