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Hispanic Millennials are inclined toward specific entertainment preferences, particularly as online usage and entertainment becomes more popular in the world today. Their online entertainment is a prominent activity in their everyday lives especially when compared to older Hispanics and Hispanic Millennials display a propensity to prefer the English language in their visual media and television programming–even more so if it includes Hispanic representation content.*


BLD035051When it comes to television programming, bilinguals prefer to view English cable but with Spanish broadcasting. Novelas, or Spanish soap operas, are one of the dominant reasons why Spanish broadcasting is popular amongst bilinguals. It is a dominant viewing factor in Hispanic homes with or without children.** However, the number of bilinguals born in the U.S is increasing and is expected to surpass all other Hispanics, their preference being cable and broadcasting, both only in English.** This preference from the Hispanic Millennials is larger in age groups between 18 and 24. And as for the teens, 77% of them prefer English language television as well.* Most of the programming in English attracts the younger Hispanics because it is a reflection of their modern interests and lifestyles.




Pretty Hispanic woman with popcorn watching televisionBilingual Hispanic Millennials display a growing preference toward English programming; but they remain associated to their Latin culture. They want to see a better representation of Hispanics in entertainment in general. In fact, they are more likely to watch a movie if it’s a story about Latinos in the U.S or Latin America, or an ensemble is led by a Latino character. Resulting in 49% wanting to view bilingual and bicultural content that represents them, 31% wanting more mainstream programs, 11% wanting more Spanish speaking programs and 9% wanting more Spanish speaking programs from the United States.*  The larger percentages are a mix of an inclination toward English programming and Latino representation.


The Hispanic Millennials are becoming similar to American Millennials in terms of lifestyle. They seek entertainment online more than the Hispanic group over the age of thirty. They go online to download music, watch videos, sports shows and movies, listen to online radio and play games. The over thirty Hispanics are still more traditional, in the technological sense, when it comes to entertainment.*** Having previously noticed these trends in online traffic, distributes information about music, entertainment, and more content of interest to Hispanic Millennials with information in English, Spanish, and Spanglish about Latino artists and popular entertainment buzz in the country.

Additionally, the constant use of social media, a hybrid of online entertainment and social networking, impacts Hispanic Millennial online entertainment preferences. 70% of Hispanic Millennials use social media and only 55% of over thirty Hispanics are in usage of this technology.*** The activity of Facebook is much larger with the Millennials when it comes to making comments or posting online with different devices while older Hispanic groups are more absent in these activities.***

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Hispanic Buying Power Report

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