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General  Demographic Information*

The New York-Northeastern NJ metropolitan area has the second largest US Hispanic population in the nation with 4.3 million Latinos.

Hispanics living in the New York metropolitan area make up 24.2% of the local population.

There are more New York Hispanics associated with Puerto Rican heritage than any other Latino nationality.

42% of the Hispanic population is foreign born.

New York Local Hispanic Market Insights

While Puerto Ricans have generally made up the primary population of the New York Hispanic population, there has been a growing shift in the total share of the Hispanic market. Over the past ten years, the Mexican population has increased by 73.7%, due in large part to increased immigration to the city. Dominicans also saw increased growth in total population. As this has happened, the total Puerto Rican population of New York has decreased, but still remains the largest Latino group in the metropolitan area.** With this increasing growth coming from a wide array of Hispanic nationalities, New York has become a melting pot of sorts for Latino culture and traditions.

For example, during the recent Fiestas Patrias celebration that takes place during Hispanic Heritage month, New York Hispanics were offered numerous opportunities to celebrate their ancestry as well as the ancestries of other Latinos. Kicking off with the Opening Ceremony held at Baruch College, attendees were able celebrate everything from Argentine tango to Brazilian capoeira as well as art from 37 Latino artists from the U.S., the Caribbean, and Latin America. ***

For companies looking to geotarget Latinos in the New York market, looking to the boroughs provides greater information regarding where Latinos live. As of 2010, the largest amount of Latinos living in the city are in the Bronx where the population is also more saturated than any of the other boroughs at 53.5% of the Bronx’s population. This is then followed by Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten Island (which has also shown the largest amount of Hispanic growth between 2000-2010).****

For further help in reaching New York Latinos through geo-targeting and in areas where they live, feel free to contact us to help improve your campaigns towards the local New York Hispanic Market.

Hispanic Buying Power Report

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