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Futbol is the great equalizer of Hispanic cultures. As different soccer leagues, cups, and tournaments happen they still manage to draw a large audience despite rarely having an off-season. In the Latino household, families will often be able to lay claim to a list of favorite players and teams that are generally all related to their hometown or Heritage country. In many cases this will include their favorite local team, their favorite local professional team, their favorite local player, their favorite local player on a team in another country, and their favorite team in another country. When the World Cup or Summer Olympic Games begin, however, there is only one favorite—each individual Latino’s Heritage Country.

Just as an Argentinian cheering for Leo Messi and Barcelona FC will have no desire to see Spain win, the Spaniard cheering for Leo Messi will have no desire to see Team Argentina as World Cup champions.

In general, the Hispanic preferences customarily shown in their Futbol favorites does not show any disloyalty towards particular teams or players, but rather shows increased loyalty towards their heritage and countrymen. While Neymar may play soccer in Spain, his fellow Brazilians make every attempt to hear how he is doing and hope he finds success while playing on the other side of the globe. From a campaign planning standpoint, this is crucial in ensuring strong ROI as Hispanic fan loyalty will extend beyond national borders for their compatriot and, as a result, will help them feel stronger attachment when they are able to associate a brand with someone related directly to their country, state, city, or neighborhood.

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