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Over 74% of US Hispanics have purchased a product online – nearly the same reports not making a purchase in the Facebook Eco-system.

Today, EC Hispanic Media announced discoveries related to the online and social media shopping habits of US Hispanics. This information provides additional key findings to the EC Hispanic Media study US Hispanics and Facebook, The Generation of Growth that was released last week.

While US Hispanics are avid users of Facebook,, Twitter and Instagram, they primarily make online purchases outside Social Media. While more than 74% of US Hispanics have made online purchases, only 26% report having made one or more purchases inside Facebook.

The study also reveals that US Hispanics have discovered new products and services in Facebook but have yet to find attractive deals or offers inside the social media platform.

“The data obtained in our recent studies further validates what we knew. Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to engage and understand your current customers while also attracting new ones. Brands, however, are missing opportunities to sell their products and services to US Hispanics in social media, which can help them not only remain competitive in their marketplace, but also to reach untapped markets,” said Martha de la Torre, CEO of EC Hispanic Media.

“Social Media, especially Facebook, offers new opportunities through behavioral marketing. Based on this study, brands and local businesses have a unique opportunity to use this powerful tool to further expand their online and social media strategy. By becoming pioneers in capturing social media shares of the key US Hispanic market, they can also position themselves as leaders for years to come,” said Elias Chavando, Managing Partner of Applied Marketing Strategies.

The full report, US Hispanics and Facebook, The Generation of Growth, also answers these key questions:

  •     How much do US Hispanics spend in cell phone, groceries, entertainment, medications and other products and services per month?
  •     How many purchases have US Hispanics made online and in Facebook?
  •     How important is a bilingual online shopping experience for US Hispanics, particularly in Facebook?

The study, commissioned by EC Hispanic Media, surveyed Spanish-speaking US Hispanic Facebook users, over 18 years of age and was conducted during the months of November and December of 2013 and was directed and conducted by Applied Marketing Strategies.

The report US Hispanics and Facebook, The Generation of Growth is available for purchase by contacting EC Hispanic Media Insights.

About EC Hispanic Media
EC Hispanic Media is a multiplatform media company based in Los Angeles, CA that has helped large and small businesses reach US Hispanic grassroots shoppers through mobile, social, print, online, event and custom multimedia solutions for more than 25 years. Through its own proprietary media platforms and other media sources nationwide, EC Hispanic Media ensures that companies are able to reach niche targeted markets including Latina Moms and Families, Hispanic Millennials, Upscale Latinos, and more in their local markets through the media platforms they use most and in their preferred language.

About Applied Marketing Strategies
Applied Marketing Strategies is a Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Business Development Strategy consulting firm. Applied executives provide strategic guidance and counsel to industry leaders, brands, start-ups, candidates, and sports teams with an emphasis on execution of marketing campaigns and revenue generating initiatives.

Their service range from strategy consultation to coaching and training to the actual implementation of campaigns, studies and business development initiatives. They manage digital marketing, email marketing, and social media campaigns and properties for some of the leading brands, sports teams, political candidates and start-ups. Their combined network manages social media pages with over 50 million fans, digital properties with more than 35 million unique monthly users and multi-million dollar eCommerce platforms.

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