Content Marketing

For companies looking to further their reach digitally, EC Hispanic Media ensures each companies’ content marketing solutions position them as leaders of their industry. Our award-winning editorial team works with each individual company to determine the best strategies from each campaign by determining target market and develops custom content marketing to help deliver the best ROI.

Press Releases

For companies looking to promote amazing new products, we help get the word out among major news feeds and PR sites. Our network has helped us get on Yahoo! News, PRWeb, and other major media outlets to help ensure the world is kept updated on everything we have to offer.

Content Development

Updating a site often can easily help boost a company’s SEO, but coming up with the correct content can take valuable time and sometimes the resources to hire a new employee to undertake the task are not available. Whether you are looking for someone to establish the SEO for your site, or just in need of content in the form of a blog or article to keep your site fresh and updated, we can provide you with the content marketing development tools you need to drive further amounts of traffic to your site and help to free up time for other important projects.

Category Sponsorship

Companies interested in branding themselves as leaders of their fields are able to take advantage of our category sponsorship opportunities. Our different platforms allow us to ensure that a bridal dress shop looking to promote their evening wear to teen Latinas can do so in the website or app, or have an events agency promote a concert as ‘s Gig of the Week or on ElClasificado digital. Furthermore, we also offer High-Impact campaigns on these sites as well, such as Page Skins and Sliders, that can help provide additional branding for US Hispanic Advertising.

Spanish Microsites

As the Spanish-speaking community continues to be the fastest growing demographic in the United States, more companies are realizing the need for their content marketing solutions to have Spanish websites for the US Latino demographic. Doing so, however, can take a lot of time for trying to figure out the proper dialects and differences between Cuban Spanish, Peruvian Spanish, and Mexican Spanish. EC Hispanic Media helps each company streamline this process by providing the relevant call-to-action content to hit local and national Hispanic markets.


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