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Our award winning editorial department works with advertisers to develop relevant content relating to each individual advertisers needs for dynamic US Hispanic Custom Print campaigns. Whether a company is looking to sponsor local articles or national print distribution with custom publications that can also be made available online, we can help ensure that each brand is recognized as a leader alongside educational, informative, or entertaining content in the US Hispanic Market.

Local Articles

With content related to community news, immigration law, local and international sports, family and lifestyle, finance, politics and insurance, El Clasificado (510,000 weekly copies) in hand with our various special print supplements (130,000- 220,000 copies) proudly hold a vast readership within the state of California. Companies wishing to sponsor some of the categories are able to do so with adjacent full page print advertising, establishing the company as a respected and knowledgeable authority for Hispanics looking to improve their lives.

Custom Publications

Using EC Hispanic Media partners, we are able to provide national print distribution for custom publications throughout the United States as well as preferred areas with high Hispanic volume. Our editorial department works with each company to determine the best content to support each US Hispanic custom print campaign. For tax companies this may include financial advice, deductions, a tax filing checklist, and more, whereas with other companies, the content can be directly related to the individual campaign. Custom publications provide each advertiser with sole sponsorship, ensuring no competition and premium branding throughout.


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