Online Advertising

With all our properties having digital presence, EC Hispanic Media offers multiple outlets to help each company reach their preferred demographic through Hispanic online advertising opportunities. Whether trying to reach the everyday US Spanish Speaking Latino through or Hispanic Small Business Owners through, we have multiple opportunities for each niche to ensure that your campaign is reaching the right Hispanic market.

Standard Banners

Provided on nearly every EC Hispanic Media property, standard banner advertising is available through Leaderboards, Wide Skyscrapers, and Medium Rectangles. For companies with digital banner campaigns, we provide geotargetting and other options to help reach niche US Hispanic markets.

High Impact Campaigns

High Impact marketing opportunities vary by online property. Because these are premium campaigns, we limit availability ensure that when our visitors see the ads, they truly stand out to improve the response to each High Impact Hispanic online advertising campaign. For more information on how we can make your High Impact marketing Campaign work with our digital properties, let us know.

Native Advertising

Looking for something a little less subtle than High Impact marketing, but with just as much visibility? Our native advertising opportunities place your ads right in front of our visitors and match it up as though it was part of the page. Offering, blended classified advertising targeting all niche Hispanic Markets we offer premium positioning and blended classified Hispanic online advertising through our API. For companies looking to reach the Hispanic Male Car Enthusiasts, native advertising opportunities are available as directory placements among local auto and repair shops.


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