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8 Girls Experience an Unforgettable Quinceañera

Surrounded by friends and family, the celebrated girls enjoyed a marvelous party hosted by Telemundo 52’s Elva Saray, with a surprise visit from young regional Mexican singer Jonatan Sanchez

The venue, Almansor Court, was the perfect place for this special occasion, where eight girls from Los Angeles celebrated their quinceañeras.

Each girl, accompanied by their own chamberlain, flaunted their quinceañera dress, danced the waltz, and was the center of attention at this special event organized by and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services.

“I feel very happy to be celebrating with my friends and family,” said Francisca Castro, one of the lucky quinceañeras, whose adoptive mother was there to lend her support.

The event counted on the participation of well-known Telemundo 52 host, Elva Saray, and Freddy Rivera, from KIIS FM 102. “For me it’s an honor to be invited. The fact that these eight girls were able to have their celebration shows that in life you can dream big and have those dreams come true,” said Elva.

All the girls received two beautiful last dolls, one was a Barbie Quinceañera, courtesy of Mattel and the other one from Luna’s Dresses. But they soon discovered the dolls were not the only surprise in store when regional Mexican singer Jonatan Sanchez made a surprise visit.

Jonatan sang a live waltz in addition to two more songs, “Mi Primera Vez” and “Necesito una Compañera.” The young, talented singer commented after, “I feel super happy. It’s an honor to be celebrating with these girls on their special day.”

The event would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the support of sponsors. Luna’s Dresses not only donated the quinceañera dresses to the girls, but also donated accessories, handled makeup and hair, and gifted the last dolls. “This is the third year we participate in this event, and we will continue to do so. It’s something nice to do because the girls get so cheered up,” said owner, Lucy Luna.

Diaz de Baile also helped by choreographing the dance and providing five of the chamberlains who accompanied the girls throughout the day. “It’s an honor to be invited. We hope this brings the girls a lot of joy. They all deserve it,” concluded Evelyn Diaz.

The party continued with lots of fun and positive vibes. The objective was met as the dreams of these girls, who’ve been through so much, came true. “I never had a fifteen. When I realized the importance this celebration has to many young Latinas, I wondered what happens to girls in foster care? They don’t get to experience any of this. I finally had the ambition to do something, so three years ago, we came together with the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, and with a wide variety of sponsors, we were able to grant a special day dedicated to all these young girls,” explained Martha de la Torre, founder of El Clasificado and owner of the brand.

The event was possible thanks to more than 30 sponsors that donated gifts, money and time. Thanks again to:, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services, Acrylique, Bergman Public Relations, Boxer Squad, Children’s Trust Fund, Complete In-Home Care, DCFS Lock-up, Gerard Cosmetics, My Saint My Hero, Purad’or Premium Organic Solutions, Single Los Angeles, Spongelle, True Love, Twisted Silver, Whitening Lightening, Ziba, Telemundo, Kiss FM, Luna’s Bridal, Porto’s Bakery, Marissa’s Cakes, Casablanca Flowers, Freeway Insurance, Shea Moisture, Mattel, Men’s Warehouse, Jafra.