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The new alternative Latin music and culture site was hosted at the historic Hotel Figueroa.

Al Borde is on a roll! As one of the most recognized multimedia companies in Los Angeles continues to provide coverage 18 years after launch, the brand is now introducing a new all-in-one website look to celebrate its history and stay ahead of the latest trends in all things Latin Alternative.

Not wanting to forget its core essence as the leading, cutting-edge Hispanic millennial platform, Al Borde is putting a new face to the Latin Alternative culture, not only with an English expansion in its online content, which already included movies, concerts, restaurant reviews, and more, but also with a new design focused on making the site easier to navigate and more interactive.

The idea, says Martha de la Torre, El Clasificado cofounder and owner of the Al Borde brand, is “to adapt and stay ahead of the present trends, by providing content to the Millennials who remain true to their roots and music in Spanish, but who lean more towards English than Spanish when it comes to reading. We’re already planning to become the most influential brand for Latino Millenials as a digital and creative multi-platform entertainment resource.”


This was part of the buzz on Monday, November 2nd, at the Hotel Figueroa in Los Angeles, where Al Borde celebrated the site’s redesign combined with the Day of the Dead celebration. Including among these traditions were skull painting on a digital graffiti wall, digital lounges with case studies on social media trends, tarot readings, and several altars presented by two of the most influential non-profit organizations in Los Angeles that provide support to city children and youth: Para los Niños and the Boys and Girls Club of East Los Angeles.


Boys and Girls Club of East Los Angeles altar

Al Borde’s annual celebration will also be remembered for its themed Dia de los Muertos and traditional Mexican food, but more importantly, attendees had a chance to see the Mexican director and artist Sergio Arau, who was there to present a very special altar dedicated to the famous Mexican fighter, El Santo. To wrap up the day’s activities, a seamless combination of tradition and modernity, there was a performance by the Los Angeles pop rock band, Sonsoles.


Mexican director and artist Sergio Arau, presenting a special altar dedicated to the famous Mexican fighter, El Santo.

“We are proud of Al Borde and the Day of the Dead party, two elements that always go hand-in-hand as both represent culture, tradition and a very large industry that has not always been adequately served: the Latin Alternative scene in Southern California,” De la Torre added.

Now, having taken a step forward, Al Borde is more ready than ever to continue commemorating the Latino cultural traditions as well as shining a spotlight on the latest news that is redefining the underground scene.

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