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The Ontario Expo, organized by, highlighted interest from large market brands, demonstrating the increasing attraction to the Quinceanera tradition across the US Ontario Expo 2016 Fashion Show

The quinceañera market is going through one of its strongest periods due to the increasing interest among big brands in this cultural event and everything around it, as was evidenced through companies like Colgate and Goya looking to connect with the community at the event held at the Ontario Convention Center on Sunday, September 25.

For Lourdes Flores, a Colgate representative at the expo, it is important establish a connection with the Hispanic community that is difficult to achieve from afar. “The main focus of our brand are families, especially girls,” she explained as many of the young ladies were willing to wait 10 minutes to take a photo at their booth. “We loved being so busy throughout the event, non-stop all afternoon.”

With attendance reaching 1,950 people, the sponsors were kept busy all day as the girls, and their families, visited the booths of the different brands who specialized in services and products for the Latin coming-of-age party.

One of the busiest vendors was Goya, who presented itself as a popular and healthy alternative to be part of this celebration. “Undoubtedly it is a market that is increasingly growing because there are more people every year,” Angelica, event supervisor of Goya explains. “People are familiar with many of our products, but there are still people who are not and that is the reason why it is good to be present.”

Throughout the event, there was a multitude of families looking for the latest trends for their party, including Monica Garcia and Joselyn Valdez, a mother and daughter finalizing plans their 150 person celebration on October 14. Taking care of one big detail, they were able to book a venue for the party after meeting with event sponsor, Fiesta Mexicana.

“The truth is that it helps a lot to come to these types of events to ensure that we have everything we need to celebrate our party,” says Garcia. “We know that the dress will be champagne and the theme will be a night gala, but we have seen original ideas here at the expo that we may incorporate into our celebration.”

The chocolate fountain displayed by Chef Luis, a talented Mexican looking to expand his brand, was one of those aspects that they may be including. “My idea is to create something original to surprise the guests at any celebration,” he said.

Chef Luis was one of the many guests of the event that also featured a fashion show from Moda 2000 and April Black Diamond’s, and which was presented by Stephanie Bradford, an entertainment reporter for Univision 34 with music from Mexican regional band, Villa 5.