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More than 2,000 Latinos came last Sunday to see hundreds of vendors offering quinceaneara services, a live performance by norteño band, Villa 5, and fashion stylist Martin Llorens as the master of ceremonies.

Luca Verne. Los Ángeles

Latinos are still doing everything possible to maintain a timeless tradition, which was evidenced on Sunday at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, as 2,381 attendees gathered at the expo to learn more about the latest trends in parties for upcoming 15th Birthday extravaganzas.

Villa 5 at 2016 LA ExpoThere was also at least one thing attendees and vendors could agree on – now is the perfect time to celebrate a quinceañera. “I believe the quince market is booming with people spending more money,” said Adriana Franco, owner of Alameda Banquets. “Latinos do not care about the economy, they just want to celebrate the best possible party, and treat their friends with the best party they can.”

A reflection of Franco’s sentiments, Carmen Acosta, who attended the Expo with her daughter Cassandra, stated, “We do not want to spend a lot of money, but not too little either. We want a nice party but without being extravagant.” Expecting 250 guests for the special day, she added, “We have always celebrated this party, and my family and my daughter wanted a Quinceañera, so the answer was clear.”

Regarding the expo, she said, “It helps us a lot because it gives us an idea of how much we would spend. The best thing you can do is look and explore different options.”

2016 LA Expo with Martin LlorensWith more than 50 exhibitors offering services ranging from food to music, banquets to suits, and, of course, dresses, there was plenty available for the Acostas, and the other families in attendance, to start or finish their planning process, which also included April Black Diamond’s display, which showcased one of the most popular fashion designers among the young Latinas. When asked about her participation in the event, Diamond noted “There is no bad economy for this. Latinos begin saving since the girls are little and always spend on the party.”

As part of her showcase, her dresses were also a part of the fashion show alongside the collection of Moda 2000, which highlighted pastel colors like champagne and coral, corsets, big tulle skirts, and rhinestones. Hosted by Martin Llorens, the highlight of the show was a multicolored Black Diamond dress with hand embroidered butterflies, a sensation among the girls.

After the fashion show, the event was closed out by Villa 5, a band of five siblings with Mexican heritage that were raised in Simi Valley and who were able to make the audience dance to regional Mexican rhythms.

The Expo was organized by EC Hispanic Media and El Clasificado, Neutrogena, Goya, Jafra, and Paseo Vacations as main sponsors.