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Curanderos: the Emotional Return in Al Borde’s Summer Concert

By August 13, 2014January 28th, 2015Company News

al borde summer concert 2014
The LA-based band renders tribute to its departed leader during a nostalgic night at MOLAA.

Six singers tried to fill in the shoes of Mario, leader of the Los Angeles band Curanderos, in a sentimental tribute that brought tears to many fans in one the most emotional nights in the history of Al Borde. On Friday August 8th, the Latin alternative music brand brought a sense of community to over 600 people at the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach.

“It was great, one of those days that you feel is a bit surreal, but fun at the same time, with the incredible support of the people, even though we had more than 17 years without playing,” said Hector Morales, bassist of the group.

“It was a humbling experience, to know that people still care about the music,” he added, emphasizing the emotional aspect after the death of their vocalist. “Emotionally, it was hard while we were rehearsing, because it had been a long time since we last listened to Curanderos, and Mario was not there. I was finished with music and this has brought me back,” he is leaving the door open to repeat the experience.

Aside from the feeling of seeing Curanderos back in action, Al Borde’s summer night was marked by the final installment of ‘The Battle of the Bands’ competition. The winner was Alianza Rebelde, whose members are very satisfied for having excelled in this musical competition.

The event was once again sponsored by Jack Daniels, who was in charge of leading the party with its wide range of whiskey. The event also featured LATV, supporting Al Borde’s concerts for the third time.

Al Borde is proud to partner for the third time with the leading bilingual music and entertainment network, LATV, to continue providing its solid fan base with one-of-a-kind events that few other Latin alternative media companies offer. “Once again, we are thrilled to collaborate with Al Borde and to allow fans the opportunity to catch a live performance by a legendary band like Curanderos,” said Armandina Cuevas, Creative Service Director of LATV. “The Al Borde Summer Concert was certainly a rewarding collaboration for us and we are sure that, together, we will bring more exclusive events in the near future.

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