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El Clasificado’s Expo Draws 1400+ Families and Future Quinceaneras in Orange County

By May 10, 2024May 14th, 2024Company News

Taking place across the street from Disnleyland at the Hilton hotel in Anaheim, the Expo & Fashion Show saw over 1,400 people showing up, including families and girls looking forward to their quinceanera with more than 60 businesses ready to help ease party planning for the 15th birthday celebration for Latinas, it was like a one-stop shop for everything quinceanera-related. Dresses, venues, photographers, DJs—you name it, they had it.

The Ryan Hilo, CEO of Five-Star Limousine, has been a part of these expos for twelve years, he notes. “Lots of people are interested, and folks often reach out to us way after the event, showing how important these expos are for understanding what people want.”

Verónica Arthur from Hemet, California, shares, “I have been planning my daughter’s Quinceanera for months. I’ve been using’s blog for tips but still feel like there’s a lot to do.”
Melva Moctezuma, founder of AVM Photo Boutique, emphasizes, “These expos are more than just showing off online. They’re about meeting people face-to-face and giving personalized service. Her company even offers international travel to places like London and Paris!”

Frank Zepeda, El Clasificado’s Marketing Director, expresses his enthusiasm for the impressive turnout. He remarks, “It really highlights the significance of the quinceanera tradition within our community.”

The next Expo will be in Long Beach on June 9th, followed by another one in Ontario on September 15th.



Launched in 2006 by El Clasificado, has evolved from an online lifestyle platform into a comprehensive resource for Latino families planning Quinceañera celebrations, encompassing print, digital, a mobile app, and expos. With a social media presence exceeding 13 million followers, the brand has become a pivotal part of the Latino community’s cultural celebrations. For the 2024 season, is set to expand its offerings with additional fashion shows and expos in Long Beach and Ontario, further solidifying its role as the go-to destination for all things Quinceañera. 


About El Clasificado  

 El Clasificado, dba EC Hispanic Media, has evolved significantly since its inception in 1988. Initially established as a weekly publication catering to Spanish-speaking communities, it has now transformed into a comprehensive multimedia marketplace and a digital agency. This transformation underscores its commitment to serving as a reliable communication channel for the burgeoning Latino communities across the United States. 

Today, El Clasificado stands as a pivotal platform within the digital landscape, particularly noted for its classified online marketplace, This platform is recognized among the top 20 classified marketplaces in the U.S., a testament to its widespread acceptance and trust within the Latino communities. Through its diverse range of services, El Clasificado aims to continue fostering connections, facilitating commerce, and empowering Latino individuals and businesses to thrive in an increasingly digital world.