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Full House at the Emprendedor LA Seminar Held at the Los Angeles City Hall

The free seminar presented at the Los Angeles City Hall by Su Socio de Negocios is just another example of how Latinos want to take advantage of the rise of digital technology to start or grow their business. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019. Los Angeles, California. With a breathtaking view of the city from the top floor of the Los Angeles City Hall, another edition of the free seminar Emprendedor LA was held. Due to the sheer number of attendants present, many stood while their attention was held captive by the Digital Marketing for Small Businesses presentation that was put on by a four guest panel. 

Prior to the presentation, guests who were in attendance of the event organized by Su Socio de Negocios and the Office of Mayor Eric Garcetti had the opportunity to network and enjoy delicious appetizers all the while visiting booths set up by sponsoring companies. Among the sponsoring companies was the Business Center of the City of Los Angeles, whose representative Eric Lara stressed the importance of these type of events and the impact they have on the Latino entrepreneurial community. “Our organization offers free services to start or expand a business, and events like this allows us to make them known to business owners and entrepreneurs who need them,” said Lara. 

Minutes later began the main event, the discussion of digital marketing with the panel of experts composed of Frank Zepeda, Marketing Director of El Clasificado; Claudia Shah of SBDC; Laura Elena Martínez, a business consultant; and Daniel Cho, CEO of MayaTech. After presenting before the audience, each one stressed the importance of businesses having an online presence and spoke about the resources and tools they can utilize in order to reach and obtain more customers. 

Zepeda explained that one of the keys to improving a business’ performance is to invest in digital marketing. “It’s also important to attend free events like this one to continue learning,” said Zepeda. He also stressed that businesses must have updated website that are compatible with mobile phones in order to increase exposure. On the other hand, he also advised that it is a good idea to use digital resources such as Google My Business. “This allows them to appear locally to potential customers; and if they don’t know how do that, there are companies that can help them, such as Mas Clientes, a company owned by El Clasificado.” 

Attendees obtained useful information about the types of social media that work best for their business, how much should be invested in these types of campaigns, and how to increase their amount of followers on these platforms. Without a doubt it was an event full of motivation and education in which business owners and entrepreneurs parted with the greatest thing: knowledge of digital marketing, a crucial aspect for all Latino run businesses. 

About Su Socio de Negocios

Su Socio de Negocios seeks to empower and educate Latinx Entrepreneurs and Hispanic Small Business Owners in order to further increase their overall sales. This is accomplished through weekly e-newsletters, online content and events with keynote speakers offering their expertise, business acumen, and advice to help foster company growth for each attendee.