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Over 1,000 people attended the Quinceañ Expo at the Anaheim Business Expo Center on May 15, 2016 continuing the record breaking trend for event guests and highlighting increasing growth of the Quinceanera industry in Southern California

2016 Orange County Fashion Show

Editorial. Los Angeles

May 15, 2016, Anaheim, CA – According to a recent study by the Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce, the Hispanic population is increasing its purchasing power in the United States. This is a fact that could be observed at the Expo held on Sunday, May 15, at the Business Expo Center of Anaheim.

Teresa Flores and her daughter are a good example of the consumerist phenomenon that exists around the party. They came to see ideas and ask for quotes, but with a clear objective in mind of what they wanted. “The only thing we are missing is the banquet hall rental. I just saw a person who gave me a quote, but we still need to discuss it,” said the Anaheim resident. She also mentioned that to cover the costs of her party, several padrinos will help her.

Like Mrs. Flores, most of those who attended the event not only enjoyed the party atmosphere, but also had the opportunity to meet with some of the 60 exhibiting vendors who offered various products and services, which primarily revolved around the 15th birthday celebration. “There have been a lot of people asking for quotes and making reservations,” said Anabel Perez, sales representative of Sea Port Marina Hotel, a luxury hotel located in Long Beach that serves as a banquet hall for special occasions. “The response of the people demonstrates that the economy is gradually improving,” added Perez.

A simple fact remains that, even when the economy is struggling, Hispanic families will not stop having their Quinceanera parties. It’s a tradition that nobody wants to miss because, in their own words, it is a celebration that occurs once in a lifetime.

Sandra Lopez, a resident of Anaheim who came to the expo accompanied by her daughter Karen. “My daughter will turn 15 in February 2017 and we have come to see prices. In our case, we will not have padrinos, but it is worth spending on a daughter,” said Lopez.

The event was such a success for vendors that even Solar City, a company of solar panels for homes, was present and providing information and quotes for their services. “We are here because we want to promote our brand among the Latino community,” said one of the representatives.

In addition to the great reception for visitors and vendors, the event had an impressive full audience in the fashion show. It was undoubtedly the favorite segment of all the girls present, who stood in long lines before the doors of the hall opened. The host of the fashion show was the loveable actress and model Karla Cervantes who, after interacting with the audience, presented the models of Moda 2000 and April Black Diamond Designs.

Another exciting moment that made the girls scream and dance was the choreography presented by the boys of “Diaz de Baile”, who gave a sample of their ability for modern dances.

The next Quinceañ Expo will be held on Sunday, June 5th at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. For more information, visit