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Mabel Katz Will Be Head Speaker On The Next “Su Socio de Negocios” Business Breakfast

By July 6, 2011June 6th, 2015Company News

Author of several books in finance and spirituality, Katz has become a prominent personality in the Hispanic community

Mabel Katz is an accountant by profession and an expert in the antique Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono, a system of applying practical principles for setting goals and achieving results. According to the author of several books including “The Easiest Way” and her current work in progress, “Frequency Zero”, Ho’oponopono can be applied in any field and there is no reason for people not to do what they like and what they do best.

Katz has been doing seminars both nationally and internationally on how to become more productive and make things flow reasonably and effectively not only within the economical aspect in our lives but in every other.

She will share this acquired knowledge and expertise at the upcoming “Su Socio de Negocios” breakfast, which will take place on Wednesday July 20th, (from 7:30 to 9:30am) in the corporate offices of El Clasificado.

MABEL KATZ, accountant,motivational speaker, and small business consultant, will be the guest speaker conducting the seminar:


Some of the topics to be discussed will be:
* How being yourself will guarantee your success
* Strategies to find solutions to your business challenges
* Techniques to help you open your mind during times of crisis

Attendees will also enjoy a complimentary breakfast, presenter’s
booths, raffles and networking opportunities.

El Clasificado’s Corporate Office
11205 Imperial Hwy
Norwalk, CA 90650

RSVP by calling 1(877)999-SSDN

“Su Socio de Negocios” is a series of events provided in Spanish to help entrepreneurs further grow and flourish their small businesses. In addition to the expo, free small business breakfast workshops are held throughout the year on topics such as using low cost accounting software, marketing using free technology tools, and how to use Facebook for business. The next breakfast seminar will take place on July 20th at El Clasificado’s corporate office in Norwalk. The website and electronic newsletter reach more than 25,000 small business owners each week and provide ongoing tips for businesses operating in U.S. Latino grassroots communities.

For sponsorship opportunities or more information please contact:

Darío Rodríguez, Multimedia Manager
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 1-800-964-6410