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By March 25, 2011February 7th, 2015Company News

Quince 2011Dear readers,

A new year has started and slowly but surely our economy is reaching signs of recovery. Each day there are more reasons to celebrate, especially when talking about Quinceaneras.

Of course not everyone can have an over the top party.  More and more Quinceaneras are conscious about their families’ financial situation hence they help in organizing and choosing cost effective alternatives in order to keep the party moving forward.

This is the reason we decided to highlight a variety of services available for different budgets.  These services include cakes, accessories, invitations and even transportation for your dream party.

Like always, we are promoting sustainability options such as convertible cars  and artificial flowers. Additionally, we have expand to Europe with a dream trip by train that will be featured as well as an interview with one of Los Angeles most talented designers Adolfo Alvarado, who has out of the oven ideas plus advice on how choose the best photographer, where to learn how to dance the waltz or how to do your makeup step by step.

Lastly, I invite you to visit, where you can sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube.  All of these sites will keep you updated with anything regarding your quince celebration, including invitations, accessories, beauty and health tips, banquets ideas and dance lessons.

I hope you like this year’s magazine 1st edition It’s the first of four for the rest of the year.
Besides our first time San Fernando Valley event and our Montebello Expo at the Quiet Cannon this coming March 6th, we will be presenting our expo in other parts in Southern California.

We will be arriving in Montebello on April, Orange County on June, Ontario on September and in San Diego on October, in order to welcome more Quinceaneras and Hispanic families.

Please attend, we will be waiting for you!

Martha C. de la Torre
President and CEO of El Clasificado