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75% of all traffic to the El Clasificado site now comes from mobile devices


Starting in October 2012,’s general online strategy shifted with the launch of the site’s first mobile responsive version. While initially the process presented some difficulties, such as decreased revenues from advertisers not paying as much for mobile advertising, this decision ultimately would end up highlighting some of the strongest company growth as well as reflect the over-indexation of US Hispanics on mobile devices.


Elclasificado.com_Mobile_Home_PageDuring tne month prior to the launch of the mobile site, Hispanic mobile internet users accounted for approximately 42% of all visits to the Spanish marketplace. In the time since, mobile phone traffic alone has increased to account for more than 68% of all visits and, including tablets, 75% of all traffic to the site now comes from mobile devices. Perhaps even more impressive, whereas nearly 45% of all pageviews came from mobile devices during the month before the mobile site’s launch, 85% of all pageviews currently come from the same mobile devices.

Also, important to note, is that during the same period, total pageviews increased from approximately 9mm monthly to nearly 19mm, with the obvious major driver for the increase being traffic from mobile devices.


Hispanic_Woman_Smiling_with_Mobile_PhoneHispanics accessing the internet via their mobile devices isn’t something new. In fact, it’s been something that we’ve discussed relatively frequently, whether through how Hispanics use their cell phones to also suggesting that advertisers not think mobile second or any other position other than first as part of our 5 practices to avoid for Hispanic marketing campaigns. So if your campaigns haven’t already encompassed a mobile aspect, it’s well past time that they did.

Elclasificado.com_Premium_Position_Mobile_AdParticularly, with, while mobile banners are available in a 320×50 size, there are also additional opportunities for mobile US Hispanic advertising within the marketplace via classifieds to help promote products, services, specials, and more, including “Premium Position” ads which will display at the top of all ad listing pages for maximum exposure.

Also, beneficial within the classified ads, is the click-to-call functionality that helps users connect more readily with the advertisers and sellers of the various products and services they’re interested in. While not every ad takes advantage of this functionality, those that do have also been seeing great results as nearly 100,000 calls are made via mobile devices to advertisers weekly.

What helps to further make these ads unique and full of potential for reaching mobile Hispanic consumers is the fact that the world of advertising has changed. While in the desktop era, cookies offered capabilities for advertisers to serve their ads via third parties based on their browsing history, cookies are no longer readily available through mobile devices. User logins are now being utilized heavily to maintain a similar level of data that had been previously collected for more targeted advertising, but with every site not necessarily sharing their information, choosing where to place the banner ads becomes more complicated as advertisers are more often needing to either place ads through networks, or through multiple sites. Through sites like, multiple locations are able to specifically be targeted locally with different categories to cater to the interests of Latino consumers and provide greater targeting for the advertisers while also offering greater ease for stronger responses and higher ROI’s.

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