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What a year it’s been already for advertisers looking to reach the American Latino market! Of course, Cinco de Mayo’s already past as well as Mother’s Day, but coupled with the World Cup, Hispanic marketing departments have been busy, and now, it’s already time to get ready for the next major Hispanic holiday, Fiestas Patrias, which literally translates to “National Celebration” or “Patriotic Celebration.” While not as well known in American markets as holidays like Cinco de Mayo or Dia de los Muertos, the Fiestas Patrias history stretches across most of the LATAM markets as Hispanic Americans celebrate the Independence Days of their Heritage Countries.


Mexican_Flag_Waving_CelebrationWhile Mexico, Chile, Peru, and Guatemala may be the most well-known Fiestas Patrias celebrations, the holiday is actually also recognized by El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Nicaragua as well with each individual country having its own reasons to celebrate. Chile, which celebrates its Independence Day on September 18, declared the Independence following the French Invasion of Spain and the complications that arose within their homeland as a result. Ultimately, this declaration would lead to a nearly 10 year war before Chile was afforded its sovereignty.

Mexico’s Independence Day is marked by the declaration of Father Miguel Hidalgo, who, having been somewhat encouraged by France and the United States, gave a speech called the “Grito de Delores” rallying for Mexican Independence on September 16th. In effect, this speech ended up rallying the citizens of Mexico, uniting them as they marched towards Mexico City to expel the Spanish troops who were stationed there. The Mexican War of Independence would ultimately last 11 years before the country would finally be out from under Spanish reign.

One thing to note, however, is that while the Fiestas Patrias festivities all stem from Latin American countries gaining their independence from Spain, the dates will often vary, with the majority falling on September 15, 16, or 18. Peru acts as an exception having celebrated their independence over a three day period including June 24, July 28, and 29.


Hispanic_Parade_for_Fiestas_PatriasIn most cases, Fiestas Patrias celebrations will generally be combined without any exclusivity amongst nationalities through festivals in large cities. Areas such as Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and San Antonio have all held celebrations that have included parades, concerts, and pageants honoring Hispanic cultures and traditions while drawing in thousands of attendees. Through each of the events, companies are able to use the celebrations as ways to further reach the Hispanic market via various levels of sponsorships.

Print also provides added opportunities for the marketing departments to develop their campaigns as many publishers will distribute special supplements, or editions, highlighting the holiday, it’s rich history and tradition, as well as the going-ons of the day. Additionally, much of the information that can be found in print, can also be found more accessibly online. And with numerous opportunities available through display, mobile, and content marketing for this information, there really are countless opportunities advertisers can take advantage of to reach the Hispanic market around one of their most celebrated holidays.

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