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General Demographic Information

  • 54% of Hispanic Population Is Cuban*
  • 2/3 of the Hispanic Population is foreign born*
  • 7th Highest Hispanic Metropolitan Market by Population in the United States*
  • Hispanic Share is 55% of population in Miami**


Miami Hispanic Market Insights

The Hispanic Market of Miami is generally older than the majority of Hispanic Markets elsewhere in the United States

  • Median Age for Hispanics is 39 years old, the highest in the nation currently**
  • 15% Hispanics are 65 years and older**

While the market may be older, however, Miami is also the most educated of the ten major Hispanic markets

  • Has lowest share of Hispanics without a high school diploma (26%)**
  • 23% of Hispanics ages 25 and older have a bachelor’s degree, the highest of the ten major Hispanic markets**

The Hispanic market of Miami is primarily bilingual; however, the general market shows a tendency to be more of a Spanish speaking community than other local US Hispanic markets

  • Only 52% of Hispanics ages 5 and older are proficient in English**

Hispanic Buying Power Report