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46% of US Hispanic voters consider themselves moderates, and 50% of them believe the Democratic Party is more in-tune with their political views.

Los Angeles, CA February 11, 2014 – Today, EC Hispanic Media announced the release of findings regarding the political views of US Hispanics in its “US Hispanics and Facebook: The Generation of Growth” study.

In the past ten years, political campaigns have found that reaching US Hispanic voters through traditional methods has proven to be ineffective, especially when trying to reach younger generations. The study shows that 63% of US Hispanics in Facebook are between the ages of 18 and 34 years old.

Spending considerable amounts of time online, more than 89% of US Hispanics login to Facebook everyday—with a large majority signing in through a mobile device.

The study also revealed that 46% of the US Hispanics on Facebook consider themselves “moderates” while the rest are divided between conservative and liberal; however, their party affiliations do not necessarily reflect their political views. Given this information, there is also a chance that US Hispanic voters could potentially be swayed to vote for either side.

“Hispanic voters are reachable in Facebook, especially the younger generations. This is a fact that can no longer be ignored by campaign managers in either party. Knowing how, when and how often to reach them is a science that we have effectively developed. The data in this report helps us to further fine-tune our deployment strategies,” said Elias Chavando, Managing Partner of Applied Marketing Strategies. “The party that most effectively uses Facebook can sway a good portion of the 46% that consider themselves ‘moderates.’”

“Old methods like direct mail, radio and television don’t work in reaching US Hispanic voters. Our data demonstrates that they are very active and attentive in Facebook, and that their votes could be won by effectively targeting them and engaging them within this particular social media platform,” said Martha de la Torre, CEO of EC Hispanic Media.

The full report, US Hispanics and Facebook, The Generation of Growth, also provides further information regarding:

  • The percentage of US Hispanics in Facebook affiliated with each party
  • The percentage of US Hispanics identifying as independent
  • The language preferences of US Hispanics in Facebook


The study, commissioned by EC Hispanic Media, surveyed Spanish-speaking US Hispanic Facebook users, over 18 years of age and was conducted during the months of November and December of 2013 and was directed and conducted by Applied Marketing Strategies.

The report US Hispanics and Facebook, The Generation of Growth is available for purchase by contacting EC Hispanic Media Insights.

About EC Hispanic Media
EC Hispanic Media is a multiplatform media company based in Los Angeles, CA that has helped large and small businesses reach US Hispanic grassroots shoppers through mobile, social, print, online, event and custom multimedia solutions for more than 25 years. Through its own proprietary media platforms and other media sources nationwide, EC Hispanic Media ensures that companies are able to reach niche targeted markets including Latina Moms and Families, Hispanic Millennials, Upscale Latinos, and more in their local markets through the media platforms they use most and in their preferred language.

About Applied Marketing Strategies
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