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El Clasificado held a focus group comprised of its US Hispanic weekly readers living in LA County on January 23, 2014 to determine the motivations, or lack thereof, with regards to participation with the contests that had previously been held in the weekly El Clasificado publication. They were asked why or why they didn’t participate in the contests, their method of participation, the contests they enjoyed the most, and if they did not participate to state their reason for withholding.


hispanic_contest_winnerA percentage of the focus group admitted that one of the main reasons they picked up El Clasificado’s weekly publication was to participate in the contests. The main reason for participating in the contests stemmed from a family priority as they wished to win the prize for a family member, usually someone younger like their grandchildren or children. The contests that they enjoyed the most and have participated in were those that offered an entertaining prize such as a music concert, magazine contests for answering questions, a children’s drawing contest or those that offered a simple cash prize. The participants also noted increased participation when the prizes offered could help their family or could be shared with their friends.


Most of the groups study’s members enrolled in the contests via internet, radio and ground mail but some members said they had not participated in the contests offered in El Clasificado’s weekly publication due to a lack of appeal or lack of resources to participate. In regards to lacking appeal, some of the El Clasificado readers mentioned that they preferred ground mail contests rather than online or any other method and were not encouraged enough to go online whereas others could not participate because they lacked internet access in their homes and therefore did not have the opportunity to register for the contests.

The full results of the study will be released April 18th.

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