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US Hispanics Facebook Insights

EC Hispanic Media Releases Results Of Its Social Media Study and The Report US Hispanics and Facebook: The Generation of Growth

Los Angeles, CA, January 28 – Today, EC Hispanic Media announced the completion of an intensive study on behaviors and “like” motivators of US Hispanics in the Facebook Eco-System and the release of its Social Media Report “US Hispanics and Facebook: The Generation of Growth.”

The “US Hispanics and Facebook: The Generation of Growth” report clearly shows what US Hispanics like and follow inside of Facebook while also detailing purchasing habits, demographics, and behavioral patterns. This is key information for any advertising executive targeting the market.

The study reveals that one of the main “like” motivators and decision influencers for the audience is to receive discounts and promotions while fun or entertainment is a motivator for only 36% of US Hispanic Facebook users.

A crucial finding that marketing executives must take into account is that, according to the study, while only 50% of Facebook users in the US login to Facebook in any given day, an overwhelming 89% of US Hispanics log on to the social network every day with 31% logging in from work and an additional 78% from a mobile device.

“US Hispanics are very much in play online and on social media, but especially in Facebook,” said Martha de la Torre, CEO of EC Hispanic Media. “While many brands treat digital marketing and social media marketing to US Hispanics as a box to check off, the numbers amount to a clarion call—to remain relevant, brands must appeal to Hispanics online. This is a direct challenge to marketing strategists, who must coordinate campaigns at the local, regional, and national levels while using traditional and digital channels. This is the Generation of Growth.”

“Facebook remains an untapped media to reach US Hispanics,” said Elias Chavando, Managing Partner of Applied Marketing Strategies. “And companies have a unique opportunity to leverage this to further their own growth as US Hispanics are eager for high quality digital content catered to them that only exists minimally right now.”

The full report, “US Hispanics and Facebook: The Generation of Growth” also answers these key questions:

  •     What are the purchase motivators for US Hispanics online and in Facebook?
  •     What are the key demographics of US Hispanics in Facebook?
  •     How important is a bilingual online shopping experience for Hispanics, particularly in Facebook?
  •     What are the types of content that US Hispanics are attracted to in Facebook?
  •     What language do US Hispanics use to communicate in Facebook?

The study, commissioned by EC Hispanic Media, surveyed Spanish-speaking US Hispanic Facebook users and was conducted during the months of November and December of 2013 and was directed and conducted by Applied Marketing Strategies.

The report US Hispanics and Facebook, The Generation of Growth is available for purchase by contacting EC Hispanic Media Insights.

About EC Hispanic Media
EC Hispanic Media is a multiplatform media company based in Los Angeles, CA that has helped large and small businesses reach US Hispanic grassroots shoppers through mobile, social, print, online, event and custom multimedia solutions for more than 25 years. Through its own proprietary media platforms and other media sources nationwide, EC Hispanic Media ensures that companies are able to reach niche targeted markets including Latina Moms and Families, Hispanic Millennials, Upscale Latinos, and more in their local markets through the media platforms they use most and in their preferred language.

About Applied Marketing Strategies
Applied Marketing Strategies is a Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Business Development Strategy consulting firm. Applied executives provide strategic guidance and counsel to industry leaders, brands, start-ups, candidates, and sports teams with an emphasis on execution of marketing campaigns and revenue generating initiatives.

Their services range from strategy consultation to coaching and training to the actual implementation of campaigns, studies and business development initiatives. They manage digital marketing, email marketing and social media campaigns and properties for some of the leading brands, sports teams, political candidates and start-ups.

Applied Marketing Strategies combined network manages social media pages with over 50 million fans, digital properties with more than 35 million unique monthly users and multi-million dollar eCommerce platforms.

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