Event Marketing

Showcase your products and services at one or more of the numerous events that EC Hispanic Media hosts every year.
Whether helping young Bilingual Latina teens and their families prepare for the Quinceanera celebration, connecting Hispanic Small Business owners with consumers, or educating Latino entrepreneurs looking to improve their business, EC Hispanic Media knows how to bring a crowd together!

Su Socio de Negocios

With a mission to offer Hispanic small business owners and Latino entrepreneurs educational opportunities and resources to help further improve their businesses, Su Socio de Negocios hosts two annually events.

Renowned speakers are a key part of these events. From workshops on determining the best tax preparation software, to franchise panels, besides being an excellent networking opportunity, these events served as a powerful educational tool to ensure Hispanic Small Business Owner can succeed in competitive marketplaces.

Sponsors are offered US Hispanic event marketing opportunities as they are able to meet with each individual attendee during the networking sessions as well as collectively before the keynote speech.


From Fresno to San Diego, we serve local small businesses and Hispanic families in one of the most special cultural celebrations in their family.

Hosted eight times per year, this event works as the liaison between local businesses and young girls and their families. This is an excellent opportunity to locally promote your products and services to a market looking to make a purchase at that very moment.

Al Borde

Music gigs, pop-up concert campaigns and popular cultural events, are some of the grand opportunities for advertisers. Each event provides event marketing opportunities through on-site sponsor presence and recognition in all promotions for up to four weeks prior with digital content, e-mailed newsletters and eBlasts, as well as SMS messaging and Social Media Marketing.

Sponsors are also able to target the modern twenty- to thirty-something bilingual Hispanic market through our Dia de los Muertos celebration which brings in a 21 and over crowd to enjoy a night of food, music, and local, cultural artwork.

Custom Solutions

For companies looking to further their exposure to niche Latino markets through US Hispanic event marketing, EC Hispanic Media knows the right people, places, and promotional outlets to ensure a strong audience. Having hosted custom events for non-profit organizations, Grand Openings, and more, we can ensure a strong turnout for each and every promotion.


Su Socio de Negocios
Al Borde


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