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A New Face for, Where Latin Bands Rock

By December 1, 2015Company News


Al Borde has been around for almost two decades and it’s still very much alive and kicking! Launched in 1987, the brand was born with the spirit of covering the Southern California Latin Alternative rock scene, a small niche market growing into something prominent, and has evolved into an English/Spanish reference in Los Angeles for everything music related that connects with a cool and vibrant audience in search of a special flavor.

Today, the brand celebrates its redesign as 2.0 jumps further into the digital age with an improved format to better connect Latinos of all backgrounds, including the site’s primarily Millennial base, with the bands from their favorite scene.


Not to be overlooked, the site will also connect advertisers with these avid consumers who are always looking for the next hit indie act, the coolest hangouts in the city, and compelling information on all things underground. Adding that extra bonus, these advertisers will help follow through with’s recognition that the content and information is not only about the music, but about about the movies the readers love, the restaurants they aim to discover, and staying updated on the latest social media and fashion trends.


All of which will be covered on the new site, but with the big advantage of a better and friendlier user-interactive experience with a restructured category section and navigational menus as well as responsive design that looks more elegant across devices and platforms.

Among the most relevant categories are:

  • Music—including album reviews, shows, special interviews and more
  • Cine—all things related to Hollywood and the independent movement
  • Otro rollo—staying in tune with news about the trends, culture, chismes, and much more
  • Events—the most interactive section on the site where bands can upload their gigs to a full weekly calendar for all over the city


“We’ve always had great content, but now, it’s better organized as the site will focus more on the preferences of millennials—leaning towards English language but without forgetting our loyal fans that also love to read in Spanish,” said Martha de la Torre, cofounder of EC Hispanic Media and owner of Al Borde.

“We’ve always seen a lot of potential on the local Latino rock bands and we hope this new website makes them, and their fans, even happier about the coverage we’ll provide.”

About Al Borde

Al Borde is an EC Hispanic Media’s Latin Alternative platform with content focused on Latino rock bands, movies, culture and tech. While much of the site is considered niche, it also seeks to meet the other needs of its visitors by including more mainstream entertainment that appeals to young Hispanic adults as well. With over 50% of total online traffic coming from visitors between the ages of 18-44, the site works to meet the needs of the advertisers looking to reach the Hispanic millennial.


For more information about or sponsorship opportunities please contact Gabriela Alvarado, [email protected], 323-837-4063.