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El Clasificado Launches AutosLatino to Connect Latino Shoppers with Used and New Car Dealers in Southern California

By October 21, 2021October 25th, 2021Company News

El Clasificado has officially released – making the car buying and selling process easier than ever for Spanish-speaking communities!

Since 1988, El Clasificado has made a name for itself as the number 1 marketplace for Spanish-speaking buyers and sellers across the U.S. Starting as a weekly print publication, El Clasificado has been offering low-cost advertising solutions to those who need it most. Since 1996, the brand has stepped into the digital world through a number of channels most notably – – a virtual marketplace for Spanish-speakers to offer services, trade goods, make purchases, and much more.

For years now, one of El Clasificado’s largest and busiest categories has been “carros usados”, used cars. In fact, Hispanics now make up more than half of the multicultural market in the auto industry at large, accounting for 68% of volume growth from 2011 to 2020. This growth is immense, but not surprising. In 2018, Marketing Insider Magazine projected that the number of cars purchased by US Hispanics will double between 2010 and 2020. To no surprise, their projection was right.

With all of this growth in mind, El Clasificado recognized the need for a more effective way to connect potential car buyers with auto dealers trying to sell to niche Latino markets. Thus, was born – an online, Spanish-language platform tailored for dealers to showcase their car inventory to Latino car shoppers.  The site focuses on showcasing used cars for sale under $15,000 and used luxury cars for under $30,000.  Paired with’s immense traffic of 7.8 million monthly page views, AutosLatino offers car dealers the most effective means of marketing to Hispanics.

Multichannel advertising (like AutosLatino) is essential for reaching multicultural consumers. Hispanic car shoppers, for instance, tend to be young and connected, and their level of recall for ads they see digitally is unmatched. Therefore, the most successful way to sell a car to a Hispanic car shopper is to reach them via digital, print, and any other way they consume media. AutosLatino has already done this research, seen the potential, and created a platform expertly designed for this purpose.

What’s in it for buyers?

  • A Spanish friendly marketplace to find affordable and reliable used cars online
  • An easy-to-use platform to get car details and pricing, on current inventory
  • Quick access to dealers directly to get expanded information
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What’s in it for dealers?

  • A low-cost marketing solution to target and engage Spanish speaking car-buyers.  Packages start as low as $99 a week
  • An easy-to-use platform to match marketing activity to leads and car sale conversions as well as dealer reports that show browsing and buying activity by car
  • An all-inclusive marketing package featuring a social media strategy together with El Clasificado’s Award winning print and online solutions

If you’re interested in learning more about AutosLatino or please contact [email protected].

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Founded in 1988 by Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame, El Clasificado is a multi-media company currently serving over 100,000 small businesses each week. Since day one this certified minority-owned business has encouraged local communities to thrive with marketplaces in print, online, and through social avenues targeting U.S. Latinos in Spanish and English.