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El Clasificado wins 1st Place for Best Use of Data to improve advertiser experience and to grow audience

By April 4, 2018April 9th, 2019Company News

El Clasificado was recognized for using data to improve the experiences of both advertisers and businesses, generating significant growth in Latino audiences.

El Clasificado, the largest online Spanish-language classified marketplace in the United States, has been awarded first place for Best Use of Data by the Local Media Association in this year’s Digital Innovation Awards. An industry leader for 30 years, El Clasificado now boasts over 33.5 million monthly pageviews across the United States and other Spanish-speaking countries.

“Data is at the core of’s success, growing from less than 5,000 online ads in 2006 to over 295,000 active daily ads”, said cofounder of El Clasificado and CEO, Martha de la Torre. “Capturing, monitoring, and measuring data has enabled us to nurture our sites for each of our Latino communities whether it be Bakersfield, California or Hialeah, Florida. We watch and listen to our audience through data to learn what they do and don’t like, and what they want. Then we invest and tweak our classified ad products to satisfy the demands of our growing Latino audiences throughout the U.S. and anywhere Spanish-speaking Latino audiences exist and emerge.”

Utilizing transparency, El Clasificado creates mutually beneficial, long-lasting partnerships with advertisers in the marketplace through the website’s ad management system, MisAnuncios. Through this platform, advertisers can access dashboards which report how many people have viewed an ad, as well as the number and types of contacts that have been made. This data, coupled with additional insights from El Clasificado, allow for advertisers to improve the quality and content of their ads, further positioning the company as a valued and trusted partner.

Additionally, El Clasificado uses data to determine opportunities and emerging markets within the marketplace and quickly pivots to scale these locations by creating additional traffic and opportunities for businesses and advertisers in these lucrative regions. These opportunities also include a proprietary algorithm that prices online classified sales according to market values based on location.

As an innovator in this space, El Clasificado leverages its robust data to inform business decisions, most notably in the development of the company’s mobile site, a project the company began when the majority of page views came from mobile devices. This project spurred ad revenue growth by 34% and El Clasificado ensured that all Latinos are able to find local products and services through relevant and targeted ads in more than 470 subcategories in over 350 locations.

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About El Clasificado:

Founded in 1988 by Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame, El Clasificado connects buyers and sellers within the Hispanic community and empowers Latinos in their everyday lives. Its robust data on the Hispanic community has allowed El Clasificado to position itself as an indisputable partner for companies trying to reach this increasingly important audience. To enable eCommerce among American Latinos and their friends and family in Latin America, El Clasificado serves more than 100 Latino markets in the United States and has expanded its platform to also serve the digital markets that grow in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, and more.