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Franchises, a Successful Business Model at the LA Mayor’s Office

By August 24, 2015Company News

Su Socio de Negocios’ panelists: Arturo Ramírez, José Cuesta, Daniel Pesci, Roberto Litwak along with El Clasificado’s founders, Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame, Gabriela Teissier from “Noticias” Univisión and Carlos Giménez, Mexican Consul for Economic Affairs.

A panel of experts along with “Noticias” Univision 34 anchor, Gabriela Teissier, came together for Su Socio de Negocios’ free business seminar held at the grand Bradley Tower in Los Angeles.

Franchises are, and will continue to be, attractive and a dream for thousands of entrepreneurs with the idea of owning their own business one day. This opportunity likely was one of the reasons the Bradley Tower at the Los Angeles Mayor’s office was completely packed with Latino entrepreneurs this past Wednesday August 19, 2015 at an event presented by Su Socio de Negocios as part of its series of free business seminars to educate current and future Hispanic business owners.

The event left a lasting impression on attendees, who found themselves swept up by the passion and devotion of the franchise owners who shared their success stories. Among them was José Cuesta, a Mexican businessman who owns three Domino’s Pizzas in Los Angeles, and who, after working for the company for years, is one of the most passionate people devoted to his craft.


Su Socio de Negocios Expo in Los Angeles City Hall.

Having started out as a driver, delivering pizzas, Cuesta is now an example of overcoming obstacles. “People made fun of me because I wanted to own my own franchise, and today I’ve done it. The secret is to build the brand, give it your full attention, and never give up on your dreams.”

Besides Cuesta, the panel also included Daniel Pesci, president of Boca Juniors in Los Angeles, a soccer academy that rears players to achieve the same success as the championed Argentine club of the same name; Arturo Ramírez, who, along with his brothers, owns eight Juan Pollo restaurants; and Robert Litwak, COO of a consulting firm that specializes in working with franchises.

The session was moderated by Univision journalist Gabriela Teissier and was also attended by such important figures as Martha de la Torre, Co-founder of El Clasificado and Su Socio de Negocios, and Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Chief of Staff, Ana Guerrero.


“Noticias” Univisión 34 Reporter, Gabriela Teissier with Ana Guerrero, Eric Garcetti’s Chief of Staff.

“We are dedicated to the creation of jobs and this is achieved thanks to businesspeople like yourselves,” said Guerrero. “It is the reason we support initiatives like this one of Su Socio de Negocios.

De la Torre said, “Franchises continue to be a popular investment for entrepreneurs, and, therefore, it looked like a very attractive topic for us to share with the Hispanic community. We believe there is a lot of future in this field”.


Co-founder of El Clasificado and Su Socio de Negocios, Martha de la Torre

For Pesci, the entrepreneur’s passion has been the key to his success, uniting the club that he loves with other businesses, and bringing to fruition an academy that continues to experience rapid growth. Differing slightly, for Ramirez, his secret has been his persistent perseverance while recognizing the need to, “learn from one’s mistakes and focusing on providing the best service and the best product possible.”

Litwak, who serves as an outside specialist on franchises with expertise in recognizing areas for growth within existing regulations to help franchisers make the most money possible. Primarily these are safe models, he pointed out, “as long as the rules of the chosen brand are followed. Franchises are an advanced learning curve, and that’s the advantage. You’re not starting from zero as with almost all other traditional businesses.”